When most people go abroad, they carry along some souvenirs or gifts intended to remind them of their ordeals. Others also find certain items being sold for good prices, therefore, purchasing them to either sell or keep. The same also applies to business people who seek to either import or export various products to take advantage of the different markets and make a profit. This is where the customs department come in. They are an authority designated by the government to implement policies which are related to both import and export, the collection of customs duties as well as the facilitation of goods, cargo and people in and out of the country. The customs departments can be found in places such as airports, seaports as well as border gateways that represent the entry and exit points of a country. Some of the powers bestowed upon them include making arrests, searching through and confiscating illegal goods and merchandise. They can screen, examine or X-ray the products to ensure that they are not prohibited from entering the country. Some of the services offered by the customs clearance service department include the implementation of costs related to the importation as well as offering assistance to first-time importers.

  1. Cost Implementation – As is with many services, certain expenses have to be incurred for formality purposes as well as maintenance. The same applies to the customs clearance service which charges extra costs depending on the price of the goods. This is done for taxation purposes as well as the maintenance of the customs service. In Australia for instance, goods with a value of AUD 1000 or less are not subjected to any additional costs. This, however, does not apply to goods such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. The reason as to why this is so is because the goods equal to or less than AUD 1000 are regarded as low-value imports. On the other hand, products which value more than AUD 1000 will have to incur taxation costs and duty. There is also the charge of processing an Import Declaration which is required to provide necessary information about the import.
  2. Assisting First Time Importers – First-time importers usually lack the knowledge or experience in efficiently conducting the importation affair. This may eventually lead to many errors which can cause trouble for the individuals. The customs clearing services advise the first-time importers to seek help from licensed customs brokers. This is because the brokers can complete the Import Declaration and submit it accordingly through the Integrated Cargo System. They also provide guidelines required for processing the imports, all these at a cost. However, if you seek to clear the goods personally, then the customs clearing service will need the first-time importers to possess an invoice, papers such as insurance documents and a packing list as well as a lading bill or an air waybill.