Are you interested in the Australian partner visa? The permit allows you to join your spouse or de-facto partner in Australia. In most cases, the visa is a stepping stone to acquiring Australian citizenship. One of the hurdles you will face is the nerve-wracking application and assessment process. However, this should not cause worry if you continue reading this article. It details how you can improve your approval chances while applying for the visa. 

Provide Accurate And Detailed Information

If you have not applied for a visa in the past, it is easy for you to give vague information unknowingly. This significantly affects the chances of approval. The reason behind the rigorous application process is to ensure you are in a genuine relationship with your Australian partner. Therefore, it is always wise to provide fine details as you make your application. For example, if the department asks you to provide proof that you share interests with your partner, you could provide hiking or camping photos, event invites, or travel tickets. Remember, more evidence will help prove that you enjoy spending time together. The department will also ask you to prove that the relationship is genuine and continuing. In this case, you could provide joint tenancy agreements, mortgage documents, joint businesses or bank accounts. 

Ensure Your Spouse Is Eligible

Your spouse must meet specific requirements for the department to approve your visa. Typically, they should not have a criminal record. If they do, they must disclose this history to the department. However, the department could accept your application if your spouse has been convicted of a relevant offence. These are offences where the person has not received life imprisonment or death sentence. Additionally, they should not have served more than twelve months in jail. As a rule, your spouse should not have sponsored another partner within the last two years.  

Consider The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer 

An immigration lawyer is your best chance for approval as you apply for the partner visa. An experienced lawyer knows what your case officer will examine. Therefore, they understand how best to answer the questions. Additionally, they know the evidence that will ensure a positive response from the department. Your lawyer is an intermediary between you and the case officer handling your application. Therefore, they give feedback and clarifications required by The Department of Home Affairs. Should the department reject your visa application, the lawyer conducts follow-ups to establish the reason behind the rejection. If they think the case officer was unfair, they launch an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. It is an opportunity to explain your circumstances and convince the department that you qualify for the visa. 

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