You've finally got the interview call from your dream magazine for a writing job? Congratulations! You've already done the hard work to get one foot in the door. But it's still not over until you get the offer letter. Here are some steps to prepare well for that coveted writing job interview.

Keep Your Best Writing Work Ready For Review

You're interviewing for a writing job, so it's only natural that the interviewer will want to have a look at your previous work, and whether you've been published. Make sure you have your best writing work ready to hand over to the interviewer for review. Print outs with the date and publication title will make it easier for the interview to cross-reference your work for authenticity. Having this on hand will demonstrate your commitment and your value proposition. Examples of your work are the strongest way to showcase your capability, so make sure you sort through all your work over the years and pick the one's you're most proud of to showcase. If your work has been published in key titles, make sure you include that information in your resume as well.

Get Some Good References Ready

If you're confident of getting the job, make sure you get some good references for your work and keep them ready to share with the interviewer. Try to reconnect with people from organisations that the interviewer may be familiar with. For example, if you've written pieces for a newspaper or magazine and share a good relationship with the editor, try to get a reference, as this will strengthen your job application. Don't hesitate to reconnect with as many people as possible within the industry. This will only prove to the interviewer that you are serious about the job.

Showcase Your Knowledge Of The Organisation You're Interviewing With

Good preparation and knowledge of the organisation you're interviewing with will bode well for you during your interview. For example, if the organisation covers opinion pieces on specific current affairs, make sure you reference some of the work, so the interviewer knows that you've done your homework. Explain why you're interested in working there – whether you enjoy the quality of the content or want to be part of the existing work culture. Demonstrating your knowledge of the way the organisation operates will make your writing job application stronger.

Applying for a writing job can be stressful without the right preparation. An employment agency can offer good advice to help you make your writing job application as strong as possible.