Australian immigration law seems easy and straightforward to navigate when you are handling your business. However, it gets complicated when you are looking for vital documents such as a partner visa. The government manages the process with a little more scrutiny than usual because mistakes can create many unnecessary complications for you and your loved one.

The extra scrutiny might make it seem like the government is frustrating your efforts to get a visa for your partner. However, if you choose a competent partner visa agent, you will have an easy time applying for a visa for your partner. Here are three critical things the partner visa agent can do to simplify the process. 

1. They Assess the Strength of the Application

Most partner visas get denied when the government feels that the applicant does not meet the visa requirements. Most couples rush straight into making an application before figuring out if they are qualified for it. Before making an application, you should speak to a partner visa agent. They are the best people to assess your living situation and tell you whether you qualify for the visa or not.

If your relationship has not met the government's milestones to get a partner visa, the agents will help you get other useful options such as a student visa or work visa. With their help, you can avoid visa denial and focus on how your partner will remain in the country.

2. They Assess the State of Your Relationship

The other reason why partner visa applications run into trouble is when the immigration department doubts the strength of the relationship. New love exists, but infatuation can bring you to problems that will complicate the relationship later. To avoid these complications, speak to a partner visa agent for help. 

If you haven't lived together with your partner for any length of time, the agent will help you know what you can do or how you could go about the application process. They will figure out if it is possible to present your case for a positive outcome.

3. They Help You Get Travel, Work, and Medicare Rights

If you make an application and the immigration department grants you a bridging visa, you will forego many rights. For instance, you might not automatically qualify to work in the country. Moreover, when you travel outside the country, returning might be stressful. However, consulting with a partner visa agent helps you get the right visa and ensure your partner has the right to medicare, work and travel.

A partner visa agent will weigh all these issues and help you properly prepare your documents and application when applying for a partner visa. They will help you and your partner settle down in the country with ease.