If you live in a major city, it is likely you have people who live in very close proximity to you. If your neighbours are generating a lot of noise by playing loud music, hosting parties or watching TV at a very high volume, you may be able to hear this in your own home. In some cases, this type of noise can cause a great deal of stress, sleepless nights and low mood. If you have noisy neighbours, you should follow the steps below so you can address the issue.

Speak with your neighbours

The first step you need to take is to speak with your neighbour and make them aware of the problem. While you may be reluctant to do this, it is important to remember that most people are reasonable and to bear in mind that your neighbour may not be aware that they are generating a lot of noise. You should call around to your neighbour's house and politely explain that you can hear a lot of noise and that it's disturbing you. You should then ask them if it would be possible for them to keep this in mind in the future. Hopefully, this action will solve the problem.

Contact the local authorities

If you have contacted your neighbour and made them aware of the noise and they take no notice of you, you may have no other option but to approach the local authorities. Most town and city councils will have a noise pollution team who deal with cases of excessive noise. You should contact them and file a report. The team will want to know that you have taken reasonable steps such as speaking to your neighbour before they take on your case. A member of the team will visit your home when the noise is occurring. They will then measure the volume of the noise so they can assess if they can take further action. If the noise levels breach a safe level, the team will begin formal proceedings against the neighbour which will compel them to stop making so much noise.

Call in an acoustical consultant

If your neighbour is still making noise and you are waiting for the council to take action, you may wish to call in an acoustical consultant. The consultant will be able to advise you on the different ways you can modify your home so that it is better insulated against sound.